Hi, I’m Adam

We all have a story. Here's a bit of mine.

My paradigm shifted. Time became precious.

I couldn't help but document it.

To think that just weeks or months before I didn’t really pay any attention seems strange, because now I’d pass each one wondering... what’s happening in this one, or this one. What does their life look like behind those walls? I couldn’t believe I’d never really wondered that before all of this.

We’re all in these little boxes with walls, and roofs and doors. We’re really only feet apart from each other. We’re living these completely different realities, side by side, with no real knowledge of what was going on in the house next door. It’s nothing new, but the isolation involved in the circumstances had magnified it.

I’m curious by nature and I love humanity. Lately, I’ve begun to see more depth and magic in our everyday lives.

So here I am, hoping you feel that everyday magic too, and that I’d have the great honor of sharing with you how I see it.

I was born in LIttleton, Co. in 1984. That means that I was in middle school when Columbine happened, and highschool during 9/11. Twenty years later, mention of these events still spur the question “Where were you when?” remembering these snapshots in our ordinary lives, because our worlds were shaken. In March of 2020 our worlds were shaken once more, and everyone’s lives looked radically different. I believe we’ll be asking these same questions about this time in our life. “What was going on for you during Covid” for years. For me, I was suddenly frighteningly out of work, spending beautiful but challenging hours upon hours with my two year old son, awaiting the birth of my youngest.

I’d take my son for a walk every day, and pass dozens of houses.

Adam Kealing

Everything can be a storyteller.

At first, you’ll love looking at the faces, the moments, expressions in your Day in the Life photos. They’ll immediately become treasures. But, as time passes, you will notice new things - the details that have grown with meaning and now radiate nostalgia. We won’t meet in a random park, or someplace with “a pretty background”. We’ll meet in your home, your space, with your things. This is where your life is.

Over time, you’ll notice. You’ll see important things that felt like nothings, and everything will have a story to tell.

Things look different in the rear view mirror. With a little time, mundane details like a pair of shoes, the car in the driveway, a box by the door; they all become significant. Everything can be a storyteller.

Recently, I was looking at some old childhood photos with my mom, and our memories were steered by the details. “Remember when we spilled Kool-Aid all over that carpet?” “See those legs back there? That’s Nana!” “That’s the chair you fell off, when you were a baby!” It occurred to me then, that none of these things we were connecting over had anything to do with why the photo was taken, yet each told me so much about that time in the life of my family.

Here are some photos from my life