Wilhite Family

Austin, TX

Words cannot express how grateful my husband and I are that we had Adam come and capture our family for a day-in-the-life session. He was there when our kiddos first woke up until the sweet final moments of bathtime and he captured moments rarely seen by other people that we will treasure forever. Adam has a gift to be able to capture the everyday moments and turn them into works of art. It's not about having our hair done in a certain way or the kids being dressed perfectly, but about us just being who we truly are in those beautiful in-between moments that make up life. Not only do we tear up looking at the images now, but I know we will be sharing these long after our boys turn into men."


Austin, TX

"Working with Adam is like having a best friend, an artist, and a space holder all in one.  Not only is he incredibly personable, making everyone feel comfortable in their own skin, but he has a way of bringing out the best in people just by his presence.  Adam's artistic eye and technical genius enables him to capture authentic emotion and magic in each of his photoshoots.  Above all, his genuine heart and loving presence offers an opportunity for not only your photo to be taken, but for your truth to be witnessed and reflected back with immense beauty. If you are looking for an epic photographer and human, Adam is your person."

Chelsea Hover

Austin, TX

"Adam effortlessly floated around us all day, and I sometimes even lost track of him! The images he mined from our time together, are nothing short of breathtaking. The experience itself was so much fun; Adam has a genuine and down to earth way of relating with kids that made my daughter so comfortable! He has a way of seeing art in the everyday moments of life; and capturing them into a priceless time capsule we get to cherish forever. Thank you, Adam!"